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I got a phone call Thursday in between classes that my mom had suffered a heart attack that morning. I overreacted a bit (I think understandably) because of losing my dad last semester. I found out at the same time of day that I learned about my dad having cancer, and the shock, the preparations to get a ride from campus (I didn't want to ride the bus), and the hurried packing to travel down to Wichita were just too familiar in a not-comforting way.

She was scheduled for an angioplasty Friday morning and it went well. With some lifestyle changes (namely quitting smoking), she is expected to make a full recovery. She is now home and so am I (we left yesterday just in time to beat the worst of this ice storm that is now plaguing Kansas).

From the moment I found out until everything appeared to be all right, I had loved ones offering everything I could possibly ask for. Four friends even sent my mom flowers today. It was a really different experience, not having to deal with my step-mom and my dad's family. I don't quite know how I got such an amazingly supportive network of friends and close family members, but I am thankful.

Date: 2009-03-31 01:59 am (UTC)
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OH hon! I'm so sorry! But I'm glad that things are looking better, and that she'll recover well. And I'm also glad that you are experiencing the other side of crisis: what a loving support network is supposed to be like.

I'll be thinking of you - *hugs*


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